Monday, August 30, 2010

New York, New York, a Vistor's Place; Where No One Lives on Account of the Pace

So, technically speaking, I've been in New York for five days now, but only one of them has been on my own. My dad rode the train up here with me, and in four days he had his first trip to New York City, and I had my third (and most active). We saw and did a lot in a very short period of time. Day 1: Staten Island Ferry ride, viewing of the World Trade Center site, vegetarian lunch in Greenwich Village, got my NYU I.D., saw a Broadway show(A Little Night Music, starring the fabulous Bernadette Peters), and had some seriously badass Greek food for dinner. Day 2: Seven hour/17 mile bike tour through Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and then some more Manhattan. Multiple bridges included. Three mile walk to dinner, with several stops along the way. Dinner at awesome Indian restaurant. Day 3: Trip to Coney Island. Walked on boardwalk, saw the scenery, rode the Cyclone. Ate lunch at Katz's Deli (a very famous and incredibly popular lunch place where Sally faked her orgasm in When Harry Met Sally), went to the Tenement Museum, went to a cool Chinatown store, walked through Little Italy, went on crazy long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, ate Italian food for dinner, had famous ice cream.
A questionable decision

Day 4: Moved me in to my dorm, got lunch, went to Whole Foods, went to KMart. Took Dad to train station. Went to required hall meeting, and after hours trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for student discount.

So, is it really surprising that on my first day alone in the city I felt overwhelmingly, ambition-crushingly, pure, straight-up, tired? I just had nothing in me. I read almost an entire novel (The Painted Veil, which I'll finish before bed), and sort of puttered around while the Verizon people came to hook up our cable/internet. I went to the bank and the drugstore. I worked myself up enough energy to go get a sandwich at lunch time (vegetarian chicken dijon with collard green roll from Red Bamboo), and swung by Whole Foods again for dinner supplies.

I felt like I should be out seeing and doing all there is to see and do. There's certainly a ton that I haven't even begun to touch. But instead I watched last night's episode of True Blood, and I have every intention of spending the balance of my evening catching up on The Daily Show. Tomorrow I hope to have recovered my pep, and I have the orientation/meet and greet for my major. More excitement to come!


  1. Are you really surprised that you were tired after those three days. Get some rest. Love the blog - it will be great to keep up with all your doings in the big city. Love you, Grandma

  2. I love the blog site!!Sounds like you are making your way. Good luck. Hope it is a little bit cooler up there. Miss you and love you!! susan