Thursday, February 3, 2011

"If You Want to Walk Out the Door, Then Let Me Hold it Open"

Wow, it's been a crazy week! So much has been going, it really feels like I'm abridging three blog posts worth of excitement into this one. So, here goes.

Here's another picture of snow, though it may be the last one I put up. First of all because there's been a lot of snow, and so it's much less exciting (this one taken last Thursday morning, after 19 inches fell the night before). Second of all because we do seem to be edging towards the other side of snow. Or maybe any break from seemingly nonstop snow makes it feel like Spring is around the corner - this was the snowiest January in New York on record. In any case, last Wednesday night - as the snow started really and truly coming down - I had a thought. And my thought was "I bet some people are canceling their tickets to The Colbert Report because of this." I went online and, sure enough, there were tickets available for the next day's show. I snapped up two. Because of the last minute notice (and the blizzard), I wasn't able to find anyone to go with me. However, I wasn't really bothered by that. I took my Kindle so I could keep reading Dracula in line, got there two hours early (securing the number 1 place), and settled in for a chilly wait.

Like Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert takes questions before filming starts. He even does so out of character. I decided that I needed to ask a question here too.
Me: "Do you know how happy people from Charleston are that you're from there? So the people of South Carolina can sometimes look at the tv with hope and pride instead of fear?"
Stephen Colbert: (laughs a little) "Are you from Charleston?"
Me: "Yes"
Stephen Colbert: "Boy, I sure do miss it there. How are things there?"
Me: "You know, the same."
Stephen Colbert: "Crazy as ever? What do you miss the most?"
Me: "Well, my family's there -"
Stephen Colbert: "Family? Psh. I miss shrimp!"

The show was really funny, and it was a great experience. Then I had a really nice weekend - Lower East Side/East Village wander around/cannoli outing with Michelle, brunch with Rachel, some slightly warmer weather (above freezing!), and good things.

But then on Monday my roommate and I had a disagreement. It's resolved now, so there's probably no need to air all the thorny details on the internet. But things went bad in a way I didn't anticipate, very quickly, and then showed no sign of improving. Luckily for me, NYU was really on the ball - Tuesday evening all my stuff was moved to my new dorm! (Largely thanks to a heavy dose of determination and the generous help of Rachel.) I'm no longer a resident of Greenwich Village, I'm a ten minute walk up the street in the East Village. So I'm now a 10-15 minute walk from my classes and the library, but I'm that much closer to lovely things like my favorite coffee shop, the grocery stores, the bank, good restaurants, etc. Plus, I now have my own room!! I'm sharing a two person suite with a thoroughly sweet, agreeable, friendly, fun to talk to student at the dental school. My 26 hours of drama were extremely stressful and unfortunate, but my situation has now improved by leaps and bounds! My new space feels more "home-y" than my old one ever did - I feel much more relaxed!

New bedroom - viewed from the door. My dresser, desk, and half the window are blocked by the door frame. The closet is immediately to the right.

View of the new shared kitchen space. The fridge is to the left.


  1. Any room with tulips is beautiful - even a picture.Pleasant surroundings and genial company are values beyond price. Joan

  2. Looks great!! Wow what a week. But you sound very optimistic about the weather among other things. Love the picture of the tulips. Love you!

  3. That looks like a very nice room, I'm so glad it worked out the way it did. Blase about 19 inches of snow already huh, oh well roll with the punches I guess.

  4. Hi Sweetie! I love the photos of the new room. Glad it worked out so well. Try not to pine too much for Leah. Sure does seem to me you are on a roll! Love, Mom