Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Start Spinning Slipping Out of Time

Whoops! A month without an update. Honestly, I've been way busy with school work, plus I was home for 9 days over Spring break (which was amazing!). The Spring semester always flies by, and this semester has not been an exception. There's already only 7 weeks left until I head home for the summer, and in that time I've got 4 big papers to write (the first one - 12-14 pages - is due Monday. The other three are my final papers, one of which is supposed to be 25-30 pages long! So... I really need to start them now, even though they're not due for almost two months. Plus, in April I'm going to DC for conference weekend. Lately my fun times are the days I sleep in a couple of hours, get a friend to do school work with me, or find someone who has a free hour at the same time as me to grab a cup of coffee.

Not to say I'm not enjoying myself, because I love my classes and am really interested in what I'm studying. But not so much in the adventures-to-report category. I'll be more motivated to work on that once Spring finally shows up here (it snowed last night!).

The week before I went home for Spring Break (so, about three weeks ago), Angus came to New York to visit. We had a great time together! And here are some pictures:

With his massive liverwurst sandwich at 2nd Ave Deli
Our visit to Radio City Music Hall to see "Red State"
Digging in to our super fancy/delicious macaroni and cheese at 'smac
With beloved fiction writer Jasper Fforde

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