Monday, September 19, 2011

The Grass Will Be Greener On The Other Side

I'm back in New York! Well, I've really been back for two weeks, but now I'm back with an internet connection in my apartment. Speaking of my apartment, check out some pictures:
The view from the entryway: bed, couch, rocking chair, and window.
I can't get the whole room in one shot, so foot of the bed, TV/dresser, desk, and the kitchen in the background.
Roomie enjoying some fridge time.

It is, admittedly, not huge. But it's a good sized studio, and plenty of space for me and Sansa to share. It's also quiet - my window doesn't look out on the street, so I can't here traffic or the sounds of tons of people passing back and forth. I also don't hear much noise from my neighbors, which is very nice.

In most New York buildings, you can go out on the roof. My roof is no exception, and an 18 story building in Chelsea affords some very nice views:
Sunset, buildings, the Hudson River and New Jersey in the distance
Skyscrapers and their king: The Empire State Building

And.... well, that's pretty much it. My first class was only a few hours after I got back in town, and I haven't had much time for adventures. However, I'm enjoying my classes, being a grader seems to be going well, and the weather has been nice lately. And even with all the settling in, I did find time to try a new part of the world's food: Scandinavian! My friend Michelle and I went to Smorgas, which is in the neighborhoody area of Chelsea near where I live (I live in the more commercial area of Chelsea) for brunch. I love brunch in New York. Nothing compares. Here I am sitting in our outdoor cafe set-up, with a plate of soft vanilla waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and cloudberry sauce. I have never encountered a cloudberry before, but let me say, they make amazing sauce.

So, that's pretty much it. More to come, as I've gotten settled into my schedule and hope for excitement in the future.

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