Friday, September 3, 2010

"'Cause Everyone's My Friend in New York City"

Yesterday I decided not to set an alarm, and let myself sleep as much as I needed. I went to sleep around 11:30 the night before, and woke up from what may have actually been a coma at 1:00pm. Madness! Something about New York City really burns through my energy. Maybe it's all the activity or excitement. Maybe it's all the walking (more on that later). In any case, my day was shorter than I had intended.

Once I was up, I decided to cross a couple of desired sites off of my New York City bucket list. I rode the subway to the Frick, an art museum near Central Park. It was the Gilded Age home of one of those robber barons/titans of industry who was an avid art collector. In his will, he stipulated he wanted his house converted into a museum so that everyone could enjoy the art. It's still almost exactly like it was when the family lived there, down to the furniture, and is a very intimate and relaxing setting to see some great works.

Some favorites:

They're all extremely impressive in person. Anyway, after the Frick I decided to walk back to Greenwich village - about 4 miles. I love walking in New York City!

Plus, getting on the subway in Greenwich Village and getting off at 5th Ave by Central Park is liking moving between planets. I wanted to walk back and see the gradual transition. Which I did. The stores changed, but so did the architecture. I really enjoy seeing a historic building and a modern skyscraper next to each other. This is on 5th Ave (which I took pretty much the whole way back). Obviously you can't see the top of the skyscraper - it continues for quite a while. But right next to the church; it's very interesting to me. In Charleston we've got plenty of the historic buildings, but certainly no skyscrapers.

On this trip, I decided to stop at Eisenberg's, a sandwich shop that has been in business since 1929, which my guidebook informed me was a pure New York experience. And the best place to get an egg cream. I didn't know what an egg cream was, but since I plan to have as many pure New York experiences as possible (at least, as many positive ones as possible - not getting mugged or anything), I decided it was a must do.

So, for everyone who didn't know, an egg cream is a fountain drink invented in Brooklyn in the late 19th century. It contains milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer. No eggs, no cream. And no one knows where the name egg cream comes from. But what's important is that it is DELICIOUS. Oh my Lord. I love egg creams. The sandwich I had was fine, nothing special. But I would have done all those miles of walking for just the egg cream. So wonderful. And even though there were some tables in the back, I sat at the sandwich counter so I could watch the cooking. I kind of made friends with the cook, who seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm and good manners.

Today I went on a tour of the library with other people from my major. I'm glad I went - the library has 12 levels open to students, and is kind of complicated. Not unmanageable, especially since I've had a a guided tour. But it would have been hard to figure out on my own. Afterwards we had a picnic in the park. I picked up my lunch from a place that makes nothing but different varieties of peanut butter sandwiches. It was pretty good; peanut butter with apples, cream cheese, and cinnamon raisins. But as more a one time novelty than something I need again. I could only finish half of it.

And now I'm back in the apartment, kicking back. Other people in my major are throwing a party tonight, but it doesn't start until 11. Parties tend not to be my thing, but it's close by and I won't make friends if I don't socialize. So, I think I'll take a nap and then go pick up my snack contribution.


  1. Love the blog baby and cant wait to read what you think about classes when they start. Be safe and be careful.

  2. One of my favorite blogs -- before I found this one is "That is Priceless" (Art's Greatest Masterpieces Made Slightly Funnier):
    I think you'll enjoy masterpiece #323:
    Uncle Rob