Sunday, September 12, 2010

"You're Addicted to the Lights, To the Sounds, To the Sights"

So, now I've been to two out of three classes, and done of all the reading for both. I'm feeling pretty on top of it. I think as long as I keep getting the reading done a priority, I should be just fine. Though I understand how people have trouble. New York is full of tempting distractions.

On Friday I went to lunch at Katz's with Ji-Sup (from New York), Mario (from the Philippines), and Dong-hyun (from South Korea). Afterwards we got coffee at Mud, which is by far my favorite coffee shop in New York so far. They bring your drinks in these big hearty mugs, and my chai tea latte tasted like Christmas. I'm definitely remembering that one for the holiday season.

Saturday I finished my reading, and then walked up to Times Square and kicked around that area for a little while. In the evening I went out again with Ji-Sup, Mario, and Dong-hyun. We went to several bars around Greenwich Village, and decided we should start going out to dinner once a week and try a different ethnic food each time. It was a lot of fun.

At Mud Coffee with Dong-hyun (not a flattering shot of me, but she looks cute!)

On the town

Today it's pretty rainy, so I didn't get to walk as much as I'd normally like. I took the subway to the Upper East Side so I'd have time to check out this one bookstore before I met people for dessert. But the bookstore was closed.
So I wandered through Central Park instead - which was fun. This is my third time there, but I see something new every time I go. This time the new thing was the Alice in Wonderland Statue.

I had planned to meet a group of people from my major at Serendipity 3 (famous for desserts and old timey celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and Jackie O). But three of them cancelled last minute, and seven just didn't show up! I mean, it was raining, and the people who cancelled said they were overwhelmed by all the reading they still had to do. I was a little unhappy, but that's the problem with planning events through Facebook - a Facebook RSVP doesn't feel like a real commitment.

Fortunately, this story does not end with me standing out in the rain waiting on someone, anyone, who said they would meet me to come. One of the 11 RSVPs made it, and she brought two friends. And any irritation I may have felt at the seven no shows no explanations was quickly soothed by feeling totally overwhelmed by desserts!



  1. I am so glad you had a happy ending. Those desserts look so yummy!. I though about you yesterday as I was watching the US Open and the weather looked rather cold and rainy. But it did not slow you down and you reaped the rewards for doing your homework early and being prepared. Love you!Susan

  2. You can afford yummy desserts with all that walking. I love the way you are so into the excitement of New York, New York. Love you, Grandma