Monday, September 6, 2010

"These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New, Big Lights Will Inspire You"

Since I started to feel a cold coming on yesterday, I took it easy. After I went to lunch with people from my major, I kicked back and took it easy. And though the Indian food I had delivered for dinner was probably worthy of its own blog (I only thought I liked Indian food in South Carolina. Here, it's AMAZING), it was hardly up to the levels of sightseeing and excitement I try to bring to this.

Today I've still got that sore throat that is the premonition of a cold, so I'm forcing myself to have another restful day. After I got up I went to the coffee shop (literally) around the corner for a hot drink and snack. Think Coffee is a very organic/fair trade/green/etc place - their trash area is separated into "Compost" "Paper Recycling" and "Plastic Recycling." All of the cups and lids are compostable. I ordered a 7 Grain muffin, and the guy who took my order looked at carefully before handing it over and then said, "Well, I can actually only see five grains here." I laughed a little, assuming he was joking and trying to be polite. But he looked apologetic and said, "They're probably on the bottom." I assured him I was fine with the number of grains, but apparently they take stuff like that seriously in New York.

Anyway, I'm supposed to go to a wacky bar this evening, which may well warrant it's own entry. For now though, I'm going to fulfill a request and give a virtual tour of my apartment.

First things first, get off the elevator and head for the end of the hallway. It's a good place to be - virtually no foot traffic goes by our door.

Open the door, and standing in the foyer you'll see my roommate's side of the room, plus our window and the door to the balcony. More on those later.

But since you'll want to see the whole thing, hang an immediate left. This awkward to photograph area is, as far as I can tell, a dressing room of sorts. It has a large closet - plenty of room for both of us to claim half and hang all our hanging clothes - and is much bigger than it appears on camera.

Through to the other side is the bathroom. Not glamourous, but waaay more spacious than a lot of New York bathrooms. Nothing to complain about here.

So come back to the foyer, hang a left, and you'll see our table. It hasn't been used for much of anything except storage yet, but there's potential.

On the other side of the table, in a very cute alcove kind of thing, is our awkward to photograph kitchen. Also, that is not a camera trick - it is the tiniest oven you have ever seen. I really like it a lot though. Plus - gas. Granted, at the moment only the stovetops, and not the oven, light. But I put in a work request, so hopefully that will change soon.

A little bit of the other side of the alcove, before I totally gave up on getting the counters and cabinets in a shot. Through the window you can see a bit of my side of the room.

And here's my side in full!

Giant window and door to the balcony.

The view from the balcony! The orangish building through the tree is the NYU library.

So anyway, that's where I live!


  1. So good to visualize where you live now. The view from your window just says New York - like one of my favorite ever movies, "You've Got Mail" which I rewatched this week. The street looks like the movie setting. Love you, Grandma

  2. I love your tour. It is wonderful to know exactly where you are. Your location appears perfect!! REally makes you study when you live across the street from the library. Have fun and good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Susan